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Scenic fish-village, situated 26 kilometers away from Xanthi, beside Vistonida Lake . It has a small port that serves for the sea transport of the goods of the area. Yacht charter.  It is also the seat of a fishing association and the host to many fishing boats, both professional and amateurish. Here you can find beautiful fish taverns with fresh fish. Yacht charter. In the Porto Lagos lagoon one can visit the chapels of St Nicholas and Virgin Mary which are built on small islets.

Xanthi Yacht Charter

Vistonida Lake with its canals and reed thickets surrounding is a natural beauty.
Lake Vistonida was formulated 5,000,000 years ago. The size of the lake decreases and increases, depending on the season. The average depth of the lake is max. 3 m. Yacht charter.
It is a peculiarity of Vistonida Lake that there are great fluctuations in the salt content of its water. On the contrary, the Southern part of the lake has salty water because of three canals connecting the lake with the sea. Yacht charter
All sorts of birds, in impressive numbers, dominate the area. Bareboat yacht charter. There is also a great variety in vegetation and fauna. The silent (for human ears) world of fish amounts to 37 different species (including striped grey mullets and eels) in the lake. Yacht rental.  The animals living around are either carnivorous or herbivorous at various sizes. Wild cats, jackals and badgers seek refuge in the forests. Yacht charter.

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Cannot find words to describe Xanthi. This is by far the best yacht charter destination in Greece. Very happy with service from Yes2Greece Yachting. We thoroughly enjoyed our vacation! Yacht was in good condition and very comfortable. Very comfortable and clean. I would definitely recommend them!

Amazing! Far exceeded expectations!