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Island of Ithaka – Yacht charter

Island of Ithaka – Yacht charter

Yacht charter in Ithaka:

Ithaca or Ithaka is an island located in the Ionian Sea, in Greece, with an area of 120 square kilometres  and a little more than three thousand inhabitants.  It lies off the northeast coast of Kefalonia and to the west and within sight of continental Greece. The municipality of Ithaca includes some islets as well. Yacht charter. The capital, Vathy or Ithaki, has one of the world’s largest natural harbours. Yacht rental. Modern Ithaca is generally identified with Homer’s Ithaca, the home of Odysseus, whose delayed return to the island is one of the elements of the Odyssey’s plot.

Ithaca remains unspoiled by the modern world and clear blue seas and lush green valleys and mountains are home to one of the most friendly communities in Greece.  Yacht charter. Ithacans make you feel at home.

Ithaka Yacht Charter

Ithaca has something for everyone. Great beaches, hikes, boating trips, festivals and views, traditional food, entertainment, busy bars or quiet solitude. Yacht charter. Even in the height of Summer you can find a secluded beach or a corner to contemplate your thoughts. Yacht charter.

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Cannot find words to describe the the island of Ithaka. This is by far the best yacht charter destination in Greece. Very happy with service from Yes2Greece Yachting. We thoroughly enjoyed our vacation! Yacht was in good condition and very comfortable. Very comfortable and clean. I would definitely recommend them!

Amazing! Far exceeded expectations!

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