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Yacht Charter in Aegina:

Island of Aegina – Yacht Charter

Aegina is one of the Saronic Islands of Greece in the Saronic Gulf, 17 miles (27 km) from Athens. Luxury yacht charter. Tradition derives the name from Aegina the mother of the hero Aeacus, who was born on the island and became the king of it. During ancient times Aegina was a rival of Athens, the great sea power of the era. Bareboat yacht charter

Perdika – Yacht charter

From Aegina city begins the onshore road that leads south, towards the cove of Marathona.

Aegina Yacht Charter

Three kilometers after the cove of Marathona, the road ends to the traditional fishing village of Perdika, which it is only 9 kilometres from the port of Aegina. Yacht rental
Perdika is an old traditional settlement, build around the port. In the old times its town folks were occupied exclusively with fishing.  Main characteristic of the settlement of Perdika is the small houses with their yards to connect with each other. Yacht charter

Island of Agistri

Agistri is the smallest island of the Argosaronic. It is only 22 nautical miles from the Piraeus and 3,5 nautical miles from Aegina island. Yacht rental

The population of the island is approx. 1.000 inhabitants. Yacht charter
The island consists from many small coves with blue waters, where the pine trees reach the sea. Agistri has got a lot of hills, full of pine trees. Yacht charter

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Cannot find words to describe Island of Aegina. This is by far the best yacht charter destination in Greece. Very happy with service from Yes2Greece Yachting. We thoroughly enjoyed our vacation! Yacht was in good condition and very comfortable. Very comfortable and clean. I would definitely recommend them!

Amazing! Far exceeded expectations!